Ridin' The Rails: Three Reasons To Take The Train For Your Summer Trip

If you're struggling to get yourself excited with the idea of packing up the family minivan and hopping on the interstate to drive for the next six or eight hours as you begin your summer vacation, skip this mode of transportation and consider a train ride. Whether you're familiar with train travel or it's a completely new world to you and your family, using this method of transportation is safe and offers a fresh, exciting way to travel. Beyond these benefits, there are several other advantages to taking the train. Here are three important perks to consider.

More Family Time

Staring at the road ahead of you from behind the wheel of your vehicle while your spouse doses and your kids watch a DVD in the backseat is hardly anyone's definition of family quality time. Taking the train truly allows to you connect with your family because no one has the responsibility of driving or navigating. Many trains have pairs of seats that face each other, which is conducive to family travel. Whether you pack a couple board games to play on a fold-out table or you just want to focus on some happy conversation, you'll maximize your family time when you're on the train.

No Traffic Headaches

Nearly everyone who has traveled has contended with traffic jams, detours and unexpected toll routes that can quickly make the trip a hassle. One of the chief advantages of taking the train is that you won't have to deal with the curve balls thrown at you by traffic. Whether it's skipping being slowed down by an accident on the interstate or avoiding being gridlocked in rush hour just a few miles from your destination, your train won't have to contend with these issues. Additionally, you won't have to fuss with your GPS or a map and worry about getting lost -- and when you reach the station, a taxi can take you to your hotel without any headaches.

Better Views

Taking the train can often expose you to scenery you can't see from the road and, best of all, not having to drive means that you'll be able to enjoy it. Whether you're anxious to snap some photos with your camera or would rather just sit back and enjoy the view, you can take either approach on the train. It can often be difficult to truly appreciate the view when you're driving a vehicle, given that your first priority is watching traffic. Taking the train fixes this problem immediately.

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