Prepping To Go On A River Rafting Trip

If you enjoy active vacations, river rafting is something that you should try at least once. Going on vacations that provide physical activity is also a way to encourage your children to remain active and adventurous. White water rafting is a fun, yet physically challenging activity based trip. Prior to going river rafting for vacation with your family. there are some ways that you should prepare. Here is what you should get together before heading on your water vacation. 

Make sure everyone can swim

Although you will be wearing life vests during a water rafting trip, it is imperative that everyone in the family learns how to swim. Being able to perform a breaststroke and swim under water can help in the event that you fall out of the raft and need to swim to shore or want to catch up to the raft. Starting swimming lessons at least a few months in advance of a trip will allow everyone to get comfortable in the water and decrease the level of panic in the event that someone has to swim. 

Get the right clothing for the water

Wearing the right clothing in the water can be the difference between a fun trip or a miserable trip. Avoid wearing clothing such as heavy jeans or thick cotton shirts. The last thing that you want to do is wear clothing that will get water-logged and weigh you down in the water. Wear light clothing that will not hold on to water, such as swim shorts and a light windbreaker jacket. Wearing clothing that won't hold on to water is especially important, as the water can be cold all times of year and can bring down your body temperature by remaining in the cold, wet clothing. 

Get on an upper body regimen

Rafting trips will take quite a bit of upper body strength. Being able to control the paddle against the force of the water will take some upper body strength. It is important to be prepared to use your upper body for over an hour at a time. Performing push ups, weight lifting curls, and sit-ups can all be performed at home and will help to build upper body strength. Going for jogs and long walks will also help with your endurance, which means that you can enjoy rafting for many hours without getting too winded and needing to head back to shore. 

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