Ready To Plan An International Family Vacation With Several People? The Easiest Way To Make It Happen

Do you want to plan a large vacation with your extended family members out of the country, but you aren't sure how to go about planning the vacation? There are many great companies that can help you do all of the busy work and planning, so all you have to do is wait for your agenda to arrive.

There are some things you'll want to decide before you start to look at destinations and accommodations. Here are a few things you'll want to do to get started, so you can get all the information needed for your family when you deliver the final trip agenda and arrangements.

Family Meeting

You can get everyone together, start a group email or text message, or find another way to get everyone's thoughts in one place. Start to narrow down a list of possible locations, create the budget that the family would like to stay within, and decide how long the trip should be. Once you have these key factors nailed down, you can start to work with a professional to start planning the trip.

Destination Management Service Provider

A destination management company makes the planning stress and hassle free. They will find the hotel you need within your budget, arrange for travel accommodations to the destination and to and from the airport so everyone can travel together, and they can create an agenda or list of excursions for you to enjoy when you're there.

Many companies allow you to book completely through them, which will allow people to pay on the vacation with a payment plan, or put a deposit down to hold their spot until they get all the funds. Find an agent experienced with working with your size of group to start planning.


Once your destination management company has ironed out all the details, create a timeline for everyone in the family. This timeline should state what dates the deposits are due, when the vacation should be paid in full, when to have vaccines completed if needed, and all other information relevant to the trip. Giving everyone a mapped out guide with how to prepare for the trip reduces confusion and keeps everyone on track.

Planning a huge family vacation doesn't need to require hours in front of a computer trying to link flights with hotels and transportation; instead, you can let an expert worry about the details. Just get your family the information they need to pack properly and get prepared for your great vacation.  

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