Nice Hotels In Orlando (That Are Not Resort Lodgings In The Theme Parks) And How To Identify Them

If you are planning a vacation to one of the most popular cities in the U.S. for summer fun (i.e., Orlando, Florida), you may be looking at the dozens of places to stay. Of course there are all of the resort hotels right on site at all of the theme parks in the area, but they might be a little pricey simply because of their location and/or ownership by the theme parks. Do not worry; there are many other nice hotels in Orlando where you can stay, and they are within a short walking or driving distance of the parks. Here is how you can identify some of the nicer ones.

The Hotels Have "Theme Park Seal of Approval"

These hotels are not owned or operated by the theme parks, but they do have the theme parks' stamp of approval. This means that they have been investigated and inspected by someone in the guest service industry, typically someone who works for the parks, and the hotels have met with the high requirements for guest comfort and amenities. Ergo, the theme parks have partnered with these hotels to provide promotion for the hotels and discounts on theme park tickets for guests who stay there.

The Hotels Have Received a Very High Diamond Rating by Automotive Travel Associations

Diamond ratings are the ratings assigned to hotels and motels by automotive travel associations. If you are a member of one of these travel associations, not only can you check the diamond rating on any listed hotel or motel, but you may also get a discount on your room rate when you show your membership card. Most hotels and motels can receive up to five diamonds, but the higher the diamond rating the more expensive and posh the lodgings. If you just want a nice place to rest your head while you vacation in Orlando, shoot for a two-diamond or three-diamond hotel or motel. The rates on these hotels will be more affordable without skipping out on some basic creature comforts like a continental breakfast and a pool.

The Hotels Are Promoted by Orlando's Chamber of Commerce

Finally, you can spot a good hotel in Orlando by the fact that the city's Chamber of Commerce has been backing and promoting it for years. In order to receive this recognition and backing, the hotel or motel has to meet high standards of guest service excellence. It may also receive backing if it is a historic place to stay and the current owner has kept the place in excellent shape and updated the rooms just enough to keep the hotel/motel from being labeled "outdated." If you would rather tour around and see many other things in the city of Orlando itself, these hotels are a good option. You may find information about them with the city's tourist and visitor information board.

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