Exploring The Bahamas: Three Ways To Enjoy The Tropical Beauty Of These Islands By Water Transport

The Bahama Islands are a chain of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. South and east of Florida and further east of the Florida Keys, the Bahamas include more than 700 individual islands of all sizes. Most of the mid-sized and larger islands are fully mapped out, but if you wanted to explore more than the main islands of this nation, you would have to spend some time on the water. The following three ways of water transport will help you explore the tropical beauty of these islands and maybe even discover a quiet little beach spot to enjoy for an afternoon.

Yacht Charter--Bahamas

Charter with a Captain

Yacht charters, such as Charter Bonaparte, are quite popular in the Bahamas. They allow you to sit on deck and observe everything around you while your hired captain takes you around to every little island spot he or she knows. If you are also an avid fisher, then your chartered yacht captain may be able to point out some of the best deep-sea fishing spots while showing you around.

Charter without a Captain

If you would rather captain your own yacht, there are some yacht charter companies that will rent you a yacht (a small one!) for the day or for a few hours. You may have to first demonstrate that you have basic navigation and sailing skills and sign a damage policy should anything happen to the yacht, but if you are comfortable with these terms, then you can pilot your own yacht for the duration that you rent it. Many people prefer this option, since they come to the Bahamas for romantic excursions and they do not like to bring a captain along on their adventures.


Paddleboarding and windsurfing are often combined skills because you use the little sail on the paddleboard to move with little effort and then use the paddle when the wind has diminished or is not working in your favor. Tourists who want to explore some of the islands by paddleboard and windsurfing generally do so by first taking a safety class on one of the main islands and then renting their boards, paddles and sails from a rental location along the coast. This is the way some of the Bahaman natives choose to move between islands, but it does take some practice and a little bit of skill to navigate with the sail, the tides, the ocean currents and the tropical/tradewinds.

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