3 Fun Outdoor Things To Do In Albuquerque During Your Vacation

If you're going to be visiting Albuquerque while on vacation, then you should plan to take advantage of the city's amazing outdoor entertainment and activities. While there are nice museums and other indoor attractions, Albuquerque really shines when it comes to open air enjoyment. Below are three awesome things to plan for your trip. One is a very cool hiking trail for people who like to get out into nature. The second is a series of free concerts that are held every summer. The third is a world famous hot air balloon fiesta that is a really cool sight.

Hike The La Luz Trail

This trail is awesome for avid hikers. It's not some simple ten-minute walk up to a lookout point. Rather, it's a rather difficult 8 to 9 -mile hike. The terrain is steep and you will pass through 4 different climate zones. You will get an amazing view of Albuquerque, as well as see some fantastic plants and animals.

Because the trail is so tough, some people who are not expert hikers might want to do only half the trail. They can do this by planning on a map ahead of time a pre-determined spot to do a turnaround. You will find maps at the Sandia Ranger Station. It's also advisable to bring at least 2 quarts of water per person.


These summer concerts are really fun, and they are completely free. Besides the live music, the summerfest series has lots of other fun stuff, including face painting booths for kids, microbrew beergardens for adults, and lots of craft booths. There are 4 different summerfests held throughout the season. In order to check which one will be held while you are visiting, you can check with the official listing on the City Of Albuquerque's official web page.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The yearly hot air balloon fiesta that is held in every October is the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world. It's a spectacular event to attend. The event takes place over 9 days and includes some of the most unique hot air balloons that you are ever likely to see. This is an amazing opportunity for amateur photographers. You won't ever get a better opportunity to photograph this abundance of hot air balloons in such a controlled space. To learn more about hot air balloon fiestas, check out a company like Fun Excursions in a Box LLC.

If you are looking to capture some amazing shots, make sure to be on hand for the mass ascension. This is when hundreds of balloons organize to lift off in two separate waves, creating a beautiful sky-filled panorama.

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