Tips For Packing For A Destination Wedding

With the rising costs of baggage check-in with most major airlines, packing for a destination wedding – even as a guest – has become much more complicated. Chances are you want to fit as many items into your carry on as possible, or at least into a single checked bag. The following packing tips can help you achieve just this.

Tip #1: Call the hotel

There's no need to bother the bridal party with your wardrobe planning. You can usually contact the venue or hotel, such as Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre, and get accurate estimates on what type of weather to expect and the various dress codes for the different places you will be visiting. A beach location may be strictly on the casual side, while a fancy resort may require dressier clothing even for the bridal brunch. Knowing what is expected in advance makes outfit choices much easier to decide.

Tip #2: Fabrics matter

Linen is a favored fabric for hot summer destinations, but it tends to wrinkle. It can also be difficult to layer because the rough weave can bunch up, which means you have to bring more outfits instead of using just a few key pieces. Instead, consider synthetic fabrics, which tend not to wrinkle, or a cotton blend. This way you can skip a garment bag and fold or roll the clothing in a carryon. A quick shake will get rid of wrinkles and your clothing is ready to wear.

Tip #3: Opt for versatility

A plain dress can be dressed down with flats and belt, or you can make it suitable for a more formal event with the addition of a bolero and strappy heels. When choosing items to take, make sure everything can be worn at least two different ways. This way you won't need to pack as many items yet you can layer for warmth and mix and match to fit the needs of the different wedding events.

Tip #4: Consider cultural expectations

Not all destinations are chosen just for fun. If the bride and groom are planning a traditional wedding befitting the location, make sure you know the local customs before you start to pack. There may be certain clothing restrictions, such as no bright colors at a Greek Orthodox ceremony. In this case, you may want to speak with someone in the bridal family to make sure are familiar with customs and don't inadvertently make a faux pas.


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