Planning Summer Vacation For You And Your Spouse? Choose A Wine Tour

If you and your spouse enjoy drinking wine, taking a wine tour would be the perfect vacation for you. Not only do you get to drink delicious wine, but you can also enjoy beautiful scenery. Do some research to find wine tours in a city or town you want to vacation in. You can take your wine tour on an itinerary that you plan after doing research. You can also hire a tour company to plan the wine tours for you. If this is the first time you have been on a wine tour, hiring a tour company, such as Ambassador Limousine, to guide you may be your best option.

Taking the Tour

Most wine tours are completely free, but you will likely be charged a small fee to sample the wine. If you want to sample a specialty wine, you may be charged an additional fee for this depending on the tour you choose.

Not all wine tours are exactly the same, but in most cases you will walk through the wine vineyards when you first arrive and a host will explain to you the types of grapes they grow and how they care for them. The host will go through the wine making process with you also.

When this part of the tour is finished, you will enter a room to taste samples of wine. The samples are on a table with small glasses in front of each bottle. After the wine tasting, the vineyard likely has a gift shop that you can visit. Some wineries offer meals so you can dine while sipping delicious wine.

In some places, there are several wine tours within a few miles of each other so you can visit more than one tour.

Touring Caves

In some cases, wine is aged deep in caves. If the winery you tour does this, they may allow you to tour the caves. Depending on the winery you choose, you may be able to taste wine from the aging barrels. If you like what you tasted, you can purchase the same bottle of wine from the winery when you leave the cave. You should know the temperature in the cave is likely very cold, as the wine needs a certain temperature for the aging process.

Talk with the tour company for much more information on wine tours. They can help you choose the place you want to visit as well as set up the tour for you. This will help make your vacation go smoothly.

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