How to Plan a Girls' Weekend After a Bad Breakup

Some of the longest-term relationships that people have in life are friendships. Even after the breakup of marriages or long-term relationships, friends are always there to help you pick up the pieces. If a woman in your friendship circle is going through a bad breakup, it can be a good idea to get away. If you want to plan a girls' getaway for the friendship circle and help cheer up a good friend, here are some ways to go about this. 

Vacation near activities

Select a location that will allow you to participate in a number of activities each day. During the summer, go near a beach, go hiking, or go on other adventures that will take you outside. In the winter, take a vacation to a ski lodge or an area that offers ice skating and easy inside sightseeing. Keeping busy will keep your friend's mind off of her breakup. Physical activity also has a positive effect on the mood, as fun activities can help to relieve stress and release endorphins in the brain. 

Suite at a hotel

Many hotels have suites that can fit a large party. Some of the suites have different sleeping rooms as well as a shared living space and a kitchen. Everyone can pitch in money to rent out the best room in the hotel. Staying together can work for moral support as well as making everything a little less expensive. If the suite that you are renting out is a honeymoon suite, make sure that you request that the hotel remove all romantic notions and mentions from the room.

Pool cabanas and club bottle service

If this is the first vacation that your group will be taking in a while, you should go VIP all the way. This will give everyone a better experience and allow everyone to break out their nicest clothes. Looking nice is one of the fastest ways to start to feel better emotionally. With a VIP room, your friend will be able to dance and drink but also sit and rest if they just don't feel like partying for long. A VIP room and a cabana gives the group a semi-private space to talk if everyone wants to chill out and have a little downtime. With the cabana and the party rooms, you will be able to invite in anyone that you might like and keep anyone else out.    

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