3 Easy Ways To Feel Right At Home During An Extended Hotel Stay

Does your family currently need to stay at a hotel? You may be moving into a new home that will not be ready until a certain date, but have already agreed to move out of your old home because it has been sold. In that case, living out of a hotel may be something you need to do for a few weeks. During your stay at the hotel, there are some different things you can do to make sure you and your family members are as comfortable as possible.

1. Take a Few Important Cooking Products With You

Living off of snacks and fast food may simply not be realistic for you and your family because it is not healthy and it could cost you a lot of money. Instead of worrying about what to eat while staying at a hotel, simply make sure to bring a few essential cooking products with you, such as a slow cooker, coffee pot, and an indoor, portable, mini electric grill. These items are convenient because they do not take up a lot of space. When you bring them with you into your hotel room, you can cook a large variety of meals, including eggs with bacon, oatmeal, chicken, soup, and more.

2. Bring Several Comfort Items From Home

While many of your belongings may be packed away and sitting in storage until you are officially ready to move into your new home, consider grabbing a few of your favorite comfort items to bring with you to the hotel. These items may include comforters, blankets, stuffed animals, and a few photos of loved ones. If you and your family members have these comfort items at the hotel, you all may feel a bit more at home.

3. Use an Ironing Board as a Table

If the hotel room you are staying in is quite small and does not come furnished with a dining table, you can always use an ironing board as a table instead. Simply place a cover directly on top of the ironing board to act as a tablecloth. You can then place the ironing board at the end of the bed. You could sit down on the edge of the bed and lean over the ironing board while eating your food. It is a great way to avoid making a mess while eating in such a small space.

Although you may be anxious to move into your new home, you can still enjoy the experience of living in a hotel for a few weeks. The best ways to maximize your comfort is to have a few essential cooking products with you while bringing a few comfort items from home and even making use of items inside the room that can conveniently be used in different ways. For more information on how to stay comfortably in a hotel for a few weeks, contact a hotel like Oak Tree Inn.

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